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Labouchere strategy – simplicity and benefit

One of the most popular roulette strategies today is the Labouchere strategy. It has been known for a long time and the main reason for its popularity lies in, first of all, an incredibly simple algorithm. As practice shows, even green beginners who have no experience of playing in a casino can use it with the due degree of efficiency, earning good money คาสิโน.


By the way, the alternative name of Labouchere sounds like “Split Martingale” and, frankly, there are similarities between the two systems. Within the framework of this article, we will try to describe in detail the specifics of applying the Labouchere strategy and understand how 96ace casino online beneficial it is to the player.


Preparatory stage


Like many other roulette systems, the Labouchere strategy requires some preparation, which cannot be neglected. To begin with, arm yourself with a sheet of paper, as well as a pen or pencil to record the numbers that fall out on the tape measure.


Now we need to choose the numbers on which the bet will be made. This can be done in a random order – suppose we take the beginning of a number series, the sequence 5,2,3 and 4. Actually, this is where the key specifics of this kind of system begins – the size of your bet should reach the sum of the last and first numbers. We make simple math calculations and add 5 and 4, getting, in the end, the number 9.


Then it’s time to place the first bet. Let’s say the rate reaches 9 cents. Rolling on the Labouchere system, it makes sense to adhere to the initial bets on equal chances – that is, we will bet on even / odd numbers, as well as on red / black.


Actually, after winning, you need to cross out the numbers that were used earlier – in our example, we recall 4 and 5.


As a result, in our simple chart, additional 2 numbers are saved – these are 2 and 3. It’s simple – as in the first stage, we add these numbers and place a bet on the resulting number. In this case, it is 5. On this number we put the identical amount of money – that is, five cents. If fortune is in this case favorable to us, we cross out these numbers from our sheet and draw up a new sequence.


What to do if you lose?


We return, one might say, to the start – what to do if a different number appears on the roulette wheel? Algorithm of actions in the event that we made a bet of 7 cents on equal chances and lose? Actually, we write these numbers into the loss, before or after our number series. We assign seven to our combination of numbers 5, 2, 3, 4.


We continue to rotate the roulette wheel, and if the seven acts as the first number, then the bet size increases by 7. The second cycle after the loser: 2 + 3. We add seven to 5 and bet 12 cents. If you win, cross out these numbers, if you lose, add an additional 12 to the numbers, in front or behind. The algorithm of the system is very simple.


How the system works


The basic principle of operation of the Labouchere system lies in the principle of including and excluding numbers. Of course, like any other roulette game system, it cannot guarantee you a 100% chance of winning and, like the others, it has disadvantages and positive aspects.


Be prepared for the fact that if luck does not smile at you today, your losses will increase very rapidly, because by adding cents to the number series, you will bet more and more.


To control your finances and keep your bankroll, we recommend that after the rates increase too much, divide them additionally by 2. Suppose your previous rate reached 20 cents and your bet did not play, the croupier takes your money. Divide the loss – do not assign 20 to any one side, add 10 to the number row on both sides.


But what cannot be taken away from the system is its simplicity – the algorithm is incredibly efficient. You do not need any special skills or knowledge, as well as special skills to use the Labouchere system. The only thing that is required of the player is to maintain strict control over their income and expenses and, most importantly in gambling, not to bet more than you can afford to lose.

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